Ariana Grande's boyfriend dedicated two tattoos to her

Ariana Grande has only been dating her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, for a few weeks, but things must be getting pretty serious, because her beau has decided to celebrate their love by getting two tattoos dedicated to the singer.

Pete Davidson is the 24-year-old actor and comedian, known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Davidson has performed stand-up comedy on various TV shows, and he is also a part of the New York's stand-up scene.

The first rumors about Davidson and Grande dating started in May, and the happy couple didn't wait too long to make the whole thing official.

Young comedian is surely not waiting to show his love for the 24-year-old singer and songwriter.

He has done two tattoos in honor of his girlfriend. Davidson inked his thumb with letters AG, and he tattooed bunny eared mask (from Grande's album Dangerous Woman) behind his ear.

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3 months ago


seems like he really loves her ^^

3 months ago


awww that so cute ... :)))
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