Top Secret: Katy Perry's new relationship

Katy Perry has recently confirmed that she'd no longer single, adding weight to rumours that she's back with her on/off beau Orlando Bloom. The comment came during the finale of 'American Idol'.

Perry and Bloom are one of the most famous couples in the world of celebrities, and they are constantly in a limbo of breakups and make-ups.

The most recent rumor has it that these two are together again, because Katy Perry said she is not single anymore.

Before we have a more concrete evidence, let's take a look at their relationship history, and remember how it has all started!

The Perrybloom became a thing in January, 2016, when they were first seen together, dancing at Weinstein Company/Netflix Golden Globes after party. The two were seen together again numerous times, and by the end of February 2016, they were an official couple, having a joined holiday in Hawaii. By the end of 2016, they were no longer an item. But in the beginning of 2017, they were caught eyeing each other again. And Kety even made a birthday party for Orlando. But in March of 2017, we get an official statement that they are no longer in a relationship. In August 2017, they were spotted together again at Ed Sheeran's concert, and they have celebrated New Year in Tokyo...

Find out more details about their relationship, and click on the video above!

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3 months ago


isn't she in relationship with Orlando Bloom? o.O

3 months ago


who even cares if they are together or not...
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