Reese Witherspoon releases a dress named after her character from 'Big Little Lies'

Reese Witherspoon has blurred the lines between her acting career and her lifestyle business by releasing a new dress named after the character she plays on the hit series 'Big Little Lies'.

Reese Witherspoon's fashion design company Draper James will issue a dress that is based on Witherspoon's character from the popular TV series Big Little Lies (2017- ).

The dress has been named Madeline, in honor of Madeline Martha Mackenzie, one of the main characters from the series.

The dress is available through Draper James fashion line, and it has that country charm that Witherspoon's fashion company is known for.

Madeline dress is made from silk, with detailed leaf print and yellow beaded embroidery.

If you have around $300, and you like the dress, you are good to go!

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2 months ago


The dress has been named Madeline :)

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Great video, thanks! ^^

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Awesome video ^^

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lovely dress <3
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