Priyanka Chopra talks about her attires

Priyanka Chopra has revealed that people often ask her how she looks fresh all the time when she has such a crazy life, and that the secret is that she changes her outfit around five times a day.

Being one of the hottest movie stars on the planet can be tough on you, and Priyanka Chopra knows this very well.

Not only that she is on a constant aim of numerous paparazzi who want to verify her relationship with Nick Jonas, but she must change her clothes.

A lot.

We cannot imagine how many interviews and public appearances does Chopra have every day.

And for every each one of those, she must look perfect, fresh and beautiful. The 35-year-old Indian-born actress says she manages it all with a non-stop attire changing - even five times per day!

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one of the most talented actress... A-lister soon!

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adorable woman!

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she looks amazing!!!!
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