Russell Crowe's fans confused by his grooming techniques

Russell Crowe has baffled fans by sharing a video of him combing his bushy beard while singing a hymn on Instagram. The 'Gladiator' posted footage of his grooming routine, showing him running a comb through his long, coarse grey beard as he bends over and watches what he's doing in his recording device, which is placed on a lower surface, possibly next to a sink, in a bathroom.

Russell can be heard singing the Christian hymn In the Sweet By-and-By, including the lyrics, In the sweet by-and-by, We shall meet on that beautiful shore as he grooms the unruly facial hair, before taking a hairbrush and taming the long, damp hair on his head. He ends the video by staring directly into the camera as he sings the final shore.

In the caption, the actor, who previously showed off his singing skills in movie musical Les Miserables, wrote, The actor prepares.

Fans left comments wondering what role the Australian star was preparing for, and noted the footage was rather unnerving.

Can't wait to see what this is for. I have to say it's kind of frightening! one wrote, while another added, Well that is a little creepy but I'm convinced, you're good and a third asked, what happened with you.

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