Surprise: Amy Schumer got married!

Comedy star Amy Schumer has no plans to change her last name after becoming Mrs. Chris Fischer. The 'Trainwreck' actress tied the knot with chef Chris in a surprise ceremony in Malibu, California, but in a video posted to her Instagram Story timeline, she made it clear she will continue to go by Schumer as her last name.

In mid-November 2017, we had news about famous comedian and actress Amy Schumer aiming at one chef's heart.

Chris Fischer is the man, and he is a chef and farmer known for his bestselling cookbook The Beetlebung Farm.

The two were seen at one of the New York's restaurants, having a dinner date. Nothing strange, right? Wrong.

We thought that they were just on a date, and there was no big fuss raised about it. But, it seems that these two were very much in love, because they have just married.

Couple of weeks ago, on a secret ceremony, with only their closest friends and relatives by their side, this quasi-super-couple got married in Malibu, California.

Amy Schumer waited some time to share wedding pictures with her fans, but now she has hit the Instagram, and posted some of her biggest day's snaps.

Schumer also shared with us that she is keeping her last name. Why? Well, click on the video, and find out!

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