Did you know that Guillermo del Toro quietly divorced wife in 2017?

Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro quietly divorced his wife of 31 years in 2017. The 'Shape of Water' filmmaker went public with the news in a new interview, revealing he parted ways with Lorenza Newton at the start of the year, and finalised their divorce seven months later.

Not only that Guillermo del Toro is an amazing movie director and screenwriter, but he is a nice, normal guy too.

The year 2017 was very important for him. Guillermo del Toro was filming and later on promoting his Oscar/Golden Globes winning movie The Shape of Water (2017), all while he was in a middle of a divorce from his wife.

And he was silent about it the whole time, not wanting his private life being exploited for his professional goals.

Del Toro and his now ex-wife Lorenza Newton met while attending Instituto de Ciencias in Guadalajara.

They started dating in college and in 1986 the couple married. They have two children - Daniel del Toro and Marisa Del Toro.

Find out more about the whole thing, in the video above!

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