Demi Lovato overdose!

Singer Demi Lovato is awake and surrounded by family members after suffering an alleged drug overdose. The pop star was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital recently, with police and fire department officials confirming they had responded to an emergency call placed from the street in the Hollywood Hills neighbourhood where Demi's home is located.

Demi Lovato had many personal struggles in her past, as she battled with depression, eating disorder, self-harm, bullying and alcoholism.

Lovato released numerous interviews and documentary movies about her inner demons, speaking openly how hard it is to live with them.

She was admitted at the Timberline Knolls hospital for her alcoholism and cocaine addiction, and famous 25-year-old singer confessed that the treatment didn't help her fully.

After too many hangovers, Lovato decided that she wants to live an alcohol free life, but it seems that sobriety was too much for her right now.

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