Colin Farrell is in rehab!

Colin Farrell has reportedly checked into an Arizona rehabilitation clinic to seek help in his battle with sobriety.

Farrell always had problems with drugs and alcohol, even before he even became the famous actor.

In 2013, he spoke openly for the first time about his addiction, saying that he had suicidal thoughts and wanting to end it all with heroin overdose.

Farrell was at the rehab clinic more than once, and he is now living a drug-free life, or at least he says he is.

This Golden Globe winning actor rose to fame in the first years of 21st century, appearing in hit movies such as Minority Report (2002), S.W.A.T. (2003), In Bruges (2008), and most recently in The Lobster (2015), and in hit TV series True Detective (2015). Farrell is also a part of the growing movie franchise Fantastic Beasts.

Rumor has it that Farrell is once again struggling with his alcohol problems, and that he is in one of the rehab clinics for the celebrities. He is not drinking again, but he sought out help from the medical staff, so that he doesn't go back to boozing.

Check out this video, and find out more!

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