Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are living together!

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are reportedly planning to buy a house together in New York. It's rumoured that the extremely private A-list couple have been dating since 2013, a year after Katie obtained a divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise following a six-year marriage.

The first rumors about this super-couple started in 2013, when the two has been seen on the dance floor in one of the New York City clubs.

Immediately after that, the gossip started to spread, about Holmes and Foxx being very close friends.

The two didn't try to say anything more than that they have been seeing each other, but they were not serious about it.

But, their romance continued, and they were spotted numerous times, on various events.

On Jamie Foxx's 50th birthday, the whole thing was out at the open, because he was celebrating his big B with Katie Holms and other guests.

The latest rumor about this super-couple says that they are looking for a joined home, in the New York City area.

Find out more about it, and click on the video above!

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