Kanye West updated some lyrics on his new album 'Ye'

Kanye West has updated the lyrics to the opening song of his new album YE, a week after its release. The outspoken star, who is known to be a perfectionist, has reworked a verse in one of his tracks to include a few new remarks about slavery, echoing his controversial comments suggesting it was a choice for many African-Americans for 400 years.


West just released a brand new album called Ye so there are at least two reasons to look back at this great man's career.

The 41-year-old rapper and record producer was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

West is known for many things: his albums, his wife Kim Kardashian, his GOOD label, and, of course, for being one of the best-selling music artist in the history of the music business.

He is also a successful fashion designer. Kanye collaborated with numerous world's famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Bape, Giuseppe Zanotti, Fendi...

Check out more interesting facts about Kanye, and click on the video above!

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