Kanye West butchered his new album

Kanye West has scrapped an entire album after his ill-advised interview, during which he suggested African-Americans chose to be slaves and confessed he was addicted to opioids.

Kanye West's seventh studio album Ye is one of the most anticipated music events of the year 2018.

Kanye teased us many times, changing the name of his studio effort, also being indecisive about its release date.

Last weekend, West organized listening session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with the whole event streamed.

The album Ye has seven tracks on it, and is about 23 minutes long, which is, unfortunately, not too long.

That is mainly because West decided to throw away a big chunk of the album, as it was related to a sensitive racial topic, the one that Kanye addressed in his interview with TMZ.

Find out more about Ye, and click on the video above!

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3 months ago


he is damn hilarious ...

3 months ago


lol this guy has some serious mental problems ...
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