Beyonce and Jay-Z teasing us with tour dates

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently got fans excited about the prospect that they may head out on tour together again, as she recently posted some dates on her official Facebook page, as well as on the ticket sales website Ticketmaster, although both updates were deleted within minutes.

The music super-couple teased us with On the Run 2 tour dates, but soon enough the schedule was removed from the internet.


Well, maybe they have been too eager to release the dates, without even consulting their agents.

But, fear not, because one thing IS for sure - there WILL be a joined tour, probably at the end of this year.

Also, Beyonce and JAY-Z are working on some new tracks together, and their collaboration will have its debut on the upcoming tour.

JAY-Z released his album 4:44 in 2017, and Beyonce graced us with her studio effort Lemonade a year earlier.

And their last tour (On the Run Tour) was way back in 2014, so this is a perfect time for them to release some new tracks for us!

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