'Cowboy Ninja Viking' got its female lead - Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is in talks to join a new adaptation of 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' starring Chris Pratt. The role is highly coveted in Hollywood, and reports note that Chopra beat out the competition after a very successful on-screen chemistry test with Pratt.

Cowboy Ninja Viking (2019) is the upcoming movie about, well, a guy who is a cowboy, ninja and Viking - all in one.

Based on the graphic novel by Riley Rossmo and Andy Lieberman, Cowboy Ninja Viking (2019) is scripted by Ryan Engle, Dan Mazeau and Craig Mazin.

Michelle MacLaren is attached to direct the movie. MacLaren has worked only on various popular TV series such as Breaking Bad (2009-2013), Game of Thrones (2013-2015) and The Deuce (2017).

This will be her debut big screen title. She is also preparing one more feature hit The Nightingale (2019).

Find out more about Cowboy Ninja Viking (2019) and click on the video above!

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