Christian Bale doesn't care about westerns!

Oscar winning actor Christian Bale's latest movie 'Hostiles' is a dark new take on the Western genre, but the star himself didn't choose the project because he likes Westerns. In fact, in this exclusive interview, Christian explains that he doesn't watch that many movies at all.

Directed and written by Scott Cooper, and based on a manuscript of Donald E. Stewart Hostiles (2017) is western/drama that is set in 1892, when a legendary Army captain agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike and Ava Cooper star in this movie, as well as Christian Bale and Wes Studi.

This movie was on a verge of a serious disaster, as it went into production without a distributor. Hostiles (2017) budget was almost 40 million dollars, and that was a huge gamble for its financier Ken Kao.

Hostiles (2017) had its premiere on various festivals across the globe, and the official premiere was on January 26.

Critics who saw it liked it, and the audiences loved the movie too.

Christian Bale thinks this movie is great, but he doesn't like westerns too much. He is not a fanatic that is forever in love in American cinema's most beloved genre. Bale is always trying to find a humanity in his characters, and universal story in the movie that he wants to be a part of. And that is just what have made him do Hostiles (2018).

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