Dakota Johnson talks about her celeb heritage

'Fifty Shades Freed' star Dakota Johnson is a third generation celebrity. Her parents are Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, while her maternal grandmother was Alfred Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren. The legendary director is alleged to have ruined Hedren's career after the actress refused his sexual advances, and in this exclusive interview, Dakota explains that being raised in such a famous family helped her navigate similar pitfalls in Hollywood as a young woman.

The young and talented actress, Dakota Johnson was born on October 4th, 1989, in Austin, Texas. This 27-year-old is a celebrity kid - her mother is famous actress Melanie Griffith and her dad is actor Don Johnson. And her previous step-dad was Antonio Banderas!

She was very keen on dancing as a child, and she started her modeling career at the age of 12.

Her big screen debut was in Crazy in Alabama (1999), alongside her mother Melanie Griffith. The movie was directed by Antonio Banderas, her then step-father.

More than 10 years will pass until her next role in The Social Network (2010). She appeared in Beastly (2011), For Ellen (2012), 21 Jump Street (2012) and in TV series Ben and Kate (2012-2013). Johnson is best known for her role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) and for reprisal of that role in Fifty Shades Darker (2017). She will be Miss Steele once more in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed (2018).

With a pedigree like that, she surely knows how to move through rough Hollywood terrain.

In this exclusive interview she talks just about that. So, find out more, and click on the video above.

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