Kate Hudson loves her atires unique

Kate Hudson has revealed that she's sometimes frustrated by designer dresses because she can't always fit into sample sizes.

Hudson likes to feel comfortable in her dresses and other clothes, and she doesn't like to adapt to designers visions of a female body.

Kate would like to have a dress that will make her feel sexy and classy, but let her be herself, and to have a physique of her own.

Don't get us wrong, Hudson looks amazing, and her body is of a goddess. And that is all thanks to her being a yoga fanatic.

Hudson appeared in last year's biography/drama Marshall (2017), and she is currently filming two upcoming movies Sister (2018) and Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?

And when she is not working on a film, Hudson likes to spend her time with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa and her little boys from her first marriage.

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