John Cena and Nikki Bella are definitely over

Nikki Bella is reportedly looing to put some real distance between herself and her ex fiancé John Cena, and she’s moving out of his California home.

Bella is now looking for her own home in San Diego. She will stay close to Cena, as she is eyeing places in La Jolla area, where she and the famous WWE star lived together.

Different stories circle around these two - they've split, but they live together; they broke up but then started dating again...

One thing is for sure - Nikki Bella is looking for some alone time, and she wants to be close to her sister Brie, who lives in San Diego.

Bella and Cena were engaged, but Bella decided to end the whole thing - on camera! The finale of Total Bellas is airing this Sunday, and you can see it all by yourself!

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