This man will no longer bother Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift has just won a five-year restraining order against the man who was arrested for trying to enter her home, armed with a knife.

Well, the big thing happened in the first days of March, when the hooded intruder trespassed into Taylor Swift's home.

There was no harm, as young singer's security managed to deal with the potentially hazardous situation like real pros they are.

But, the intruder was later found and arrested.

Swift wanted to have a restraining order put on the man, because it turned out that he was her fan. And you never know with fans like that. One day they are asking you for a picture and an autograph and next they are in your bedroom, uninvited!

He will not be able to bother young singer for at least five years, as Swift won a five-year restraining order against him.

Click on the video and find out more about it all!

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crazy fans ...

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so much drama about this ...

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good for her!
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