Keith Urban and fans deliver birthday serenade for Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban knows how to make a birthday special, and he just had the entire crowd at one of his concerts serenade Nicole Kidman on her 51st birthday.

Nicole Kidman celebrated her 51st birthday on June 20, and her husband Ketih Urban made a very special present for her.

Urban performed a at the Country USA festival, and he used the opportunity to make an unbelievable gift for Kidman.

He asked the audience to sing Happy Birthday with him, and then turned to the camera and said: I love you, baby. Happy Birthday!

Kidman was out of her mind when she saw the video, and she shared it immediately on her social media, with a caption: What a gift - my husband and everyone at @officialcusa Oshkosh WI singing me Happy Birthday!!!!!

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2 months ago


Awesome news!!!

2 months ago


you are lucky one Nicole! <3

2 months ago


awww that's so wondeful !!!! Keith <3
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