Helena Bonham Carter took sewing lessons to perfect Ocean's 8 Designer Character

Helena Bonham Carter took sewing classes before she started shooting Ocean’s 8, because she wanted to look like someone who really could make a dress from scratch.

If you don't know already, Ocean's 8 (2018) is about Debbie Ocean, who gathers an all-ladies team of thieves, to attempt heist at the New York City's annual Met Gala.

And if you don't know what Met Gala is here you go: it is Oscars for fashion design. Each year there is a theme, and all sorts of celebrities try to fascinate us with their attires, that are based on that theme.

Helena Bonham Carter plays one of Debbie Ocean's crew members, and her goal in the whole heist is to make enough of pretty dresses so that the rest of the team can go to Met Gala event without any suspicion.

Find out more about it in the video above.

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Helena Bonham Carter <3

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she is my favourite actress <3

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what a professional ....
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