Robert De Niro's Broadway show interrupted by President Trump supporter

Robert De Niro’s Broadway show ‘A Bronx Tale’ had an unwelcome guest at the weekend, a protester, who interrupted the curtain call with a sign in support of Donald Trump.

A weekend production of Robert De Niro's Broadway show A Bronx Tale was interrupted by a protester holding up a sign in support of controversial U.S. President Donald Trump.

De Niro is a co-director of the show, and although he was not on stage on Saturday (16Jun18), that didn't stop the audience member from unfolding and waving a large banner in support of a Trump re-election in 2020 during the production's curtain call, with the slogan reading: Keep America Great.

The audience member was reportedly thrown out after the incident.

Find out more about the incident, in the video above!


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great video!

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Robert De Niro <3

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stupid Trump supporters ....
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