Justin Timberlake makes one fan's wish come true

Justin Timberlake helped out a fan during his concert in Michigan on Monday night, when he paused the show to announce her pregnancy!

Justin Timberlake is all-around good guy, that is always making his fans feel special and loved.

In February this year, Timberlake released his new highly anticipated album Man of the Woods and he almost immediately began his Man of the Woods Tour.

The tour have started on March 13, and it will end after 79 shows in total, on January 29, 2019!

The beginning of the tour has been held at Air Canada Centre, and one of the first gigs that Timberlake did was in Detroit, on April 2.

One fan was in the front row, on April 2, holding a sign: Will you help me announce my pregnancy? Timberlake saw the sign, and he accepted the plea. He took the sign, and then said to the crowd that Baby Bax will be born on November 1, 2018.

The fans went wild, and the mother-to-be was so happy that she shared the whole thing on her Facebook, writing: This was the most amazing, magical, unforgettable moment I have ever had in my life!!! My first love to announce my pregnancy was crazy!!!

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