#MakeItAustralian campaign has some strong Hollywood support

Cate Blanchett, Joel Edgerton and Chris Hemsworth have all signed and open letter calling on Australian government officials to support the film and TV industry in their country.

Australian government wants to cut a lot of funds for their film and television industry, and for such a rich country that would be a shameful thing to do.

Australia gave us many great movie-workers such as Gillian Armstrong, John Edwards, Mel Gibson, Cate Blanchett, the Hemsworth brothers....

But it is obvious that many great filmmakers and actresses/actors are leaving Australia in the search of a better and more successful life in Hollywood.

Because of that, four major industry guilds - Screen Producers Australia, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the Australian Directors Guild and the Australian Writers Guild - have joined forces to launch the Make it Australian campaign.

Find out more about it, in the video above!

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