Alicia Vikander is not just a great actress, she has a great sense of humor too!

Actress Alicia Vikander has big plans for her Academy Award, she’s going to turn it into a loo brush!

Alicia Vikander is all over the news, promoting her new action/adventure film Tomb Raider (2018).

Vikander started her career appearing in many Swedish short movies and TV series, before her first notable role in Swedish TV series Second Avenue (2007-2010).

Her big screen debut was in Lisa Langseth's film Pure (2010), and after that came A Royal Affair (2012) with Mad Mikkelsen.

Vikander's first Hollywood movie was Anna Karenina (2012) where she played Kitty, alongside Jude Law and Keira Knightley.

She appeared in hit movies such as Ex Machina (2014), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Jason Bourne (2016).

For her role in The Danish Girl (2015) she was awarded with an Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Vikander has an awkward way of keeping her Academy Award statuette at her place, repurposing it completely!

Find out more about it, and click on the video above!

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