Jennifer Lawrence likes to re-watch Disney's classics to calm herself

Jennifer Lawrence watches Disney movies to calm her nerves on flights, after her plane was forced to make an emergency landing last year.

Jennifer Lawrence is all over the news these days, as she raised a helluva ruckus appearing on the premiere of her fresh film Red Sparrow (2018) barely wearing anything.

She has also amazed us with a story from the shooting of the Red Sparrow (2018). Lawrence told the media that she was feeling very comfortable, while being naked on the set, and that her body made the rest of the crew uncomfortable.

Lawrence maybe very brave on the movie set, but in real life, she is like any other woman on the planet, having her own fears and doubts.

Last year, Lawrence had an airplane accident. The famous actress was in Kentucky, visiting her family. She was flying back from there, when the plane had to make an emergency landing, because one of the engines has failed.

That horrific experience took a toll on the 27-year-old superstar, making her nervous while flying.

But, she find a remedy for her wound - watching Disney's animated movies!

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