Birthday Boy: William H. Macy

On the 13th of March, William H. Macy celebrates his birthday.


This amazing actor was born on March 13, 1950, in Miami, Florida.

This woodworking-ukulele-playing Oscar nominee started his career appearing in the popular TV series Another World (1964). Sixteen years later, Macy will appear in his first big screen title Somewhere in Time (1980).

Macy made a name out of himself, appearing in hit Hollywood movies such as Without a Trace (1983), WarGames (1983), Radio Days (1987), Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993), Being Human (1994), before getting a chance to star in brothers Coen cult classic film Fargo (1996).

He was nominated for the Academy Award for excellent performance in Fargo (1996), but until this day, Macy didn't win any Oscars.

Macy has over 130 television and movie titles in his career, being mostly known nowadays for his role of Frank/Jerry Gallagher in popular TV series Shameless (2011-2018).

William H. Macy is also a movie director. He had his directorial debut with Rudderless (2014), and his second movie came out last year - The Layover (2017). Macy is currently directing his third movie Krystal (2018).

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