Birthday Girl: Kate Mara

On the 27th of February, Kate Mara celebrates her birthday.


Kate Mara is an American actress that was born on 27th of February, 1983. She is known for her various roles in many movies and TV series.

Her role of journalist Zoe Barnes in hit TV series House of Cards (2013- ) got her an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Mara was in couple of more successful TV series such as Jack & Bobby (2005), 24 (2006) and American Horror Story (2011).

She appeared in 127 Hours (2010), a movie by Danny Boyle, where she starred opposite James Franco.

Mara was Sue Storm in Fantastic Four (2015), had a role in The Martian (2015), Captive (2015) and most recently in Megan Leavey (2017), My Days of Mercy (2017) and Chappaquiddick (2017).

She is currently working on a TV series Pose (2018).

Her husband is Jamie Bell, who co-starred with Mara in Fantastic Four (2015). They began dating late in 2015.

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